Wife helping husband put on her pantyhose

Every woman knows what a hassle it is for her to get into her pantyhose and imagine the challenge that a sissy has to face in becoming a female putting on nylons with that cock in there.  That is when women who actually love their sissy men are a blessing because they can make things easy for them.

Yes there are loving women who turn their husbands into women so that they can have lesbian relationships with them.  For a man it seems not even having boxers to putting on pantyhose every morning under their dressy slacks.  It ain't that hard with a helping hand of a wife.  All she needs to do is to create room for a penis under the tight fitting pantyhose without a pouch for holding the manhood, but it is stretchable fabric and works just fine.
image of wife adjusting the huge erect penis of her sissy hubby in her pantyhose