Wife hires prostitutes for husband's birthday

For his upcoming birthday, Tina has been persistently asking her husband of 13 years what he wanted as a gift, and jokingly he said that since he would no longer have the testosterone and libido of a young man he better fulfill is lifelong fantasy of an orgy.  Of course the conservative Christian wife that she was, Tina laughed it off and promised to buy him a sweater.  Of course, when he opened his gift box there was a sweater but moments later the doorbell rang and in came two hot babes that he did not know and wondered who invited them or if they were in the wrong house.  They hardly wasted a minute in pleasantries and got to work right away.  The blonde dropped her skirt and stuck her vagina in his face and the brunette went for his cock.  That is when he realized what his gift really was.  Tina simply rubbed his nipples as he enjoyed himself.  He knew that he had made the right choice when he married Tina.

image of 2 prostitutes fucking husband on his birthday while wife watches