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Girls to pee like a dude is easy as long as you get rid of pants or skirt because then you are free to let gravity do the work.  See how this babe took a leak without mess by merely positioning her vagina over the urinal.

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College is hard, so girls relax by humping

As we all know, American coeds enter college hoping to have fun all the time, but as easy as it is, professors still insist that you spend at least a few hours each month studying.  For some sluts even that is too much so they have figured out ways to cope with it -- bending in doggy positions after getting naked and then humping.  And by the way, those of you know who know my fetish for scarf headbands will notice that the hottie on the right is making my horny because of it.

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White woman masturbating looking at BBC porn

When a white woman cannot have a black man's monster dick she has to compromise with the next best option: masturbating while watching porn of a Caucasian chick going down on an African American penis.

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