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While you should keep trying to date hot chicks, because you never know with whom you will get lucky, in the meantime, do what I do.  Focus on ugly, older, fat, and somewhat low income women (better if they are all of the above) because these are the ladies no one pays attention to.  They are often divorced or if they are married, the husband is more likely to be obese, alcoholic (and thus, more likely impotent), or they probably fight too much because of their money problems.  When these bitches see a cute guy (or a dude who can throw some money at them either in form of hard cash or an nice meal) they will do anything that they can't possibly have any other way.  I mean look at the face of this dirty whore.  Looks like she has not had sex like this in decades.

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Bianca's husband had invited her to a boat ride because he was so curious about boats and a friend had agreed to give him a basic lesson.  She had zero interest in driving a boat but what can be a better way to while away time than by getting strangers to dive into your vagina.

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Don't you think the Federal Reserve should do more to create jobs?  Companies are hiring unpaid interns and when their term is over they are replaced by even more desperate girls willing to work for free, but this chick was not going to give up so easily.  She figured out that her middle aged creepy boss looked sexually frustrated and if she could cuddle with his penis more frequently than make sales calls she would be hired just to do that the rest of his life.

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