How can a husband make his wife's birthday special?

You know one of the biggest problem these days is to give a gift.  When everyone who works and has money, they can simply buy what they want and need.  So gift giving is for kids and poor.  But there are ways to give gifts that cannot be purchased with greenbacks, like convincing her best friend to join you in a threesome.  That is exactly what this good husband was able to accomplish by inviting her BBF to sleep with them after the birthday celebration and as you can see this is the best gift that she has received in a long time because she is clearly enjoying the tongue of her girl friend diving into her mouth as her hubby penetrates her from behind.

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What should fat girls do for sex?

There is no doubt that fat chicks are never going to get hot, fit studs to be their boyfriends or husbands.  The good news is that there are enough fat slobs are around to date and marry them, but if these overweight or obese women want to fuck cute guys that is not as difficult.  Maybe they would not experience the romance before sex or sweet nothings whispered into their ears but I know that guys are almost always horny enough to fuck even ugly whores.  So if you take your shirt off, ladies, and go around commando and hint to a guy that you will never become a burden around his neck, but are only interested in fucking him, trust me, most guys will have no problem do deposit semen in your vagina provided they can find it with all those rolls of fat hiding it.

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How do girls watch porn online?

You see guys keep it simple.  Fire up the Internet and visit a dirty blog with photos like mine.  And if others are like me, basically use the left hand to play with the cock while using the right to surf.  The thing is that like most things in life, girls do it better.  They take things up a notch by not just watching naughty things but actually participating by actually licking image of a penis on the computer screen.  The next time I see pictures of a juicy pussy on my iPad I am just going to lick that honeypot.

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