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It is tempting for rich guys to marry hot sluts because they are always surrounded by gold-digging whores but the reality is that these bitches will never love nor respect you.  All they want is a cock, particularly if they are from Eastern Europe or Brazil.  Here is one such recently wedded woman going down on the sexy limousine driver even as they have just left the church after the wedding.

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Guys, an older woman is more likely to thankful for the fuck

As nice as it is to fuck a hot, tight, young babe, oh man, these chicks are so full of it.  They have an attitude, they play hard to get, you gotta spend serious money wining and dining them, and still you are never sure that they will be back for another round of fucking and sucking.  That is why so many of us are now hitting on desperate Chinese whores who want to fuck white boys but another even better option is older, mature ladies who not only have the money to spend on us but also appreciate the attention and fucking.  They don't give an attitude and demand nothing in return.  Look at the smile on the face of this MILF even before the cock is inside her pussy.

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You look at a boss as hot as her and wonder how awesome it would be to dive into her muff but the fact is that sex is fun, not the humiliation.  This maneater boss knows how to force her staff to work really hard because it ain't a lot of fun to dive your tongue into her wet pussy while she is screaming obscenities at you.

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